Lourdes Application Process 2018



For all those who sent in their expression of interest for Lourdes 2018 Pilgrimage,

Please get your parents to check their emails as all emails have now been sent out.

If anyone has not yet recieved an email please contact the office @ 047 72784 immediately.



We are excited to launch our Lourdes summer pilgrimage for 2018!

This is a pilgrimage for 16-18 year olds taking place 6th - 11th July 2018 as part of our annual Diocesan pilgrimage.

As always, places are very limited.

Forms that are received after this date will not be accepted. 


Clogher don Óige

St Macartan's College, 




Places will be randomly selected after this date with Clogher don Óige committee members present.

Those who are successful in securing a place will be emailed shortly after this date. 






Experience of our 2016 pilgrimage by Mairead Malone (bottom left pic!)

Lourdes was an extremely positive and worth-while experience, from which I have made many life long memories. I was in the dark about what to expect as I had been bombarded with multiple opinions from the young and old who had previously visited Lourdes, so I arrived with anticipation and excitement at what to expect. I quickly discovered that we were going to experience an extremely jam-packed couple of days with early mornings and late nights.
The first early morning wake-up call was certainly a shock to the system, and not one us teenagers are used too, although we were enthusiastic about lending a hand therefore it didn’t seem like such a chore as the days went by.
Every morning we made our way down to the hospital to collect the Assisted Pilgrims, in the beginning I had no expectations as to how the Assisted Pilgrims would react to us helping, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that they were in fact so grateful for our help, immediately I was met by multiple ‘hellos’ and smiling faces, which made the early morning rise not seem so terrible.
Throughout the five days you start to develop bonds and relationships with the Assisted Pilgrims, some more than others of course! I loved getting to know them individually. Asking them questions about themselves and their background, as each one of them had a unique and different story to tell. It was important to make them feel at ease, even small gestures like a smile made them all the more comfortable and made the experience much more memorable and enjoyable.
Everyday a mass was held in one of the many churches in Lourdes, whether it be in St. Joseph's Chapel, Basilica of St. Pius X or the Grotto. As pilgrims we had the task of transporting the Assisted Pilgrims in massive blue Chariots which at times were quite hard to manoeuvre. Working as a team meant no one would struggle.
Everyone was understanding, throughout our stay we had some tough times, whether it be finding it difficult to interact with the Assisted Pilgrims, anxious about the baths, finding the strength to push the chariots or perhaps missing home, as a group of mentally strong and smart young people we were able to encourage, advise and most importantly guide our fellow peers, helping them with any difficulties that they may have experienced.
The hardest for a lot of us Pilgrims was saying goodbye to the Assisted Pilgrims who had taught and shared many things with us, still managing to pull a happy face when perhaps inside they may be feeling sick or lonely, this just shows it didn’t take much to make these people happy and being in Lourdes gave them a sense of security and reassurance, they were turning to their faith for help and comfort, which many young people today tend to over-look unfortunately.
For the young people of the Clogher Diocese, Lourdes was a place of realisation that, in fact, we are a vital part of our Local Parish, our Diocese and in our Catholic faith. Young people bring new energy and optimism which is important for religion to survive. My experience of Lourdes has shown me and my peers this clearly. We are the future and it is important to be mindful of the guidance and push others may need to put them on the same path and mind set.


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